About us:

Welcome to NOJE

        Our story started in cairo, Egypt in 2020. It founded by a team of experts and their belief in something diverse: science and beauty are compelling force that drives us forward.


      NÖJE is a brand with alot to offer and this is what we believe in as well as offering each and every person the best of beauty in terms of quality, safety, efficacy and responsibility.



Today, where it is almost too easy to blend in. NÖJE wants to empower people to stand out and demonstrate their eccentric point of view in order to own their moments with the finest version of themselves.

At NÖJE , we know that this is only applicable when you have total confidence in your indviduality and that is why our formulations are projected to give you an unbeatable and refreshing sensation.

Our wide variety in fragrance combinations were specifically designed to suit multiple euphoric experiences which will elevate your eagerness to seek
Your perfect match.

With NÖJE it is guarenteed a fruitful adventure together in a world of luscious scents.